Pear Dark and Stormy

Products were provided to me free of charge by Drizly. As always, all opinions are my own.

Pear Dark and Stormy | A Nerd Cooks

This drank is brought to you in partnership with the good folks over at Drizly.  We’ve talked about them before in a couple of posts: take a look at these Caramel Apple Moscow Mules and Bourbon Pumpkin Shrub Cocktails for more information and alcoholic deliciousness.

Pear Dark and Stormy | A Nerd Cooks

We’re taking a classic Dark and Stormy (dark rum + ginger beer + lime) and adding a fall twist with some subtly sweet pear juice.

We’ve really been tapping into some classic Fall flavors with our cocktails lately.  In addition to pear, we’ve used caramel and apple and pumpkin and cinnamon.  Do yourself a favor by taking advantage of the season and trying them out.

Pear Dark and Stormy | A Nerd Cooks

You’ll need (makes 1 cocktail):

Fill a tall glass with ice.  Add the dark rum and top with pear juice, ginger beer, and fresh lime juice.  Give it a gentle stir and add the thin slices of lime.

Pear Dark and Stormy | A Nerd Cooks

Pear Dark and Stormy Cocktail | A Nerd Cooks

Caramel Apple Moscow Mule

Products were provided to me free of charge by Drizly. All opinions are my own.

Caramel Apple Moscow Mules | A Nerd Cooks

A new company recently reached out to me because they’re planning to expand into the Triangle area. They’re called Drizly, and make shopping for booze as easy as ordering a pizza.  All you have to do is pick out what you want online and they deliver it to your door, oftentimes within an hour!  Seriously guys, no need to leave the house for your hooch anymore.

In partnership with Drizly, I’ll be sharing three really delicious cocktails with you over the next couple of weeks.  Since I’m kind of basic and love Fall, I tried to keep things pretty seasonal.  The first cocktail is the Caramel Apple Moscow Mule.

Caramel Apple Moscow Mules | A Nerd Cooks

The ginger beer imparts the classic spicy flavors of a Moscow Mule, while apple cider and caramel vodka sweeten things up a bit.  Last, a squeeze of lime juice cuts the sweetness just a bit, resulting in a delicious Fall sipper that tastes just like a caramel apple!

In the mood for more Mules?  I’ve got you covered.  The Cranberry Vanilla Moscow Mule is particularly good during the winter holiday season, while the Old Kentucky Mule (hello, bourbon) is a winner during the fall , and original Moscow Mule is appropriate anytime.Caramel Apple Moscow Mules | A Nerd Cooks

You’ll need (makes 1 cocktail):

  • 1.5 oz caramel vodka (available here)
  • 3 oz apple cider
  • 3 oz ginger beer (available here)
  • juice of 1/2 lime
  • thin slice of apple, for garnish (optional)

Pour all ingredients over ice and stir to combine. Garnish with a slice of apple if you’re feeling fancy (you know that you are), and imbibe!

If you prefer a slightly less sweet cocktail, reduce the apple cider and increase the ginger beer.

Caramel Apple Moscow Mules | A Nerd Cooks

Caramel Apple Moscow Mules | A Nerd Cooks

The Moscow Mule

Powell & Mahoney products were provided to me free of charge.  All opinions are my own.

Moscow Mule | A Nerd Cooks

The good folks at Powell and Mahoney reached out to me recently, asking if I’d be interested in trying some of their cocktail mixer products.  Unable to say no to a good cocktail, I said yes!

One of the products I received was Old Ballycastle Ginger, a mixer that is basically ginger beer, minus the bubbles.  I decided to use it in a classic Moscow Mule.  The mixer is spicy–but not overwhelmingly so–and sweet.

Moscow Mule | A Nerd Cooks

Moscow Mules have really made a comeback recently, haven’t they?  I’m definitely not complaining, because I love them.  Vodka + spicy ginger flavor + tart lime = so simple and so delicious.

Moscow Mule | A Nerd Cooks

You’ll need (makes 1 cocktail):

  • crushed ice
  • 2 oz vodka
  • juice of 1/2 lime
  • 4 oz. Old Ballycastle Ginger
  • sparkling water (I used Lime LaCroix)
  • lime wedges, for garnish

Fill a glass (preferably a copper mug) with crushed ice.  Add the vodka, lime juice, and Old Ballycastle Ginger.  Top with sparkling water.  Squeeze a lime wedge or two into the glass and add the wedges.  Stir and enjoy.

Note: you could use a good quality ginger beer in place of the Old Ballycastle Ginger and sparkling water.

In search of more Mules?  Check out the Cranberry Vanilla Moscow Mule and Old Kentucky Mule.

Moscow Mule | A Nerd Cooks

Lemongrass and Thai Basil Mojito

These mojitos are sweet, fizzy, and just a little bit exotic.Lemongrass Thai Basil Mojito | A Nerd Cooks

I was recently gifted a couple of bunches of Thai basil, and wasn’t quite sure what to do with it.  You can thank the good folks of Reddit for this cocktail recipe.  I posted in the cocktails subreddit asking for help, and this is what was suggested!

Lemongrass Thai Basil Mojito | A Nerd Cooks

This recipe is slightly modified from the one from The Kitchn.

You’ll need:

For the lemongrass simple syrup (makes ~1 cup) – 

  • 3 stalks lemongrass
  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 1 cup water

For the cocktail (makes 1 cocktail) – 

  • 1 thin slice of lime
  • several leaves of fresh Thai basil
  • 2 oz white rum
  • 2 oz lemongrass simple syrup
  • ice
  • Coconut LaCroix (or club soda)

To start, you’ll want to make the lemongrass simple syrup.  This is something you’ll want to do ahead of time, either earlier in the day or the day before you want to make cocktails.

We’ve done simple syrup before.  It’s, well, simple.  This time, you’ll start by cutting your stalks of lemongrass into 1-inch sections.  Bruise them with a meat mallet/rolling pin/mortar and pestle.  Set them aside for a moment.

Add the sugar and water to a small saucepan over medium heat.  Stir occasionally until the sugar is entirely dissolved.  Allow it to come to a boil, then turn off the heat.  Add the lemongrass and allow it to steep for 2 hours.

Strain the syrup, pressing down on the lemongrass to extract all of the flavor.  This simple syrup will keep in the fridge for about 4 weeks.

Now, to the cocktail itself.  Add the slice of lime and basil leaves to the bottom of a glass.  Muddle them together.  Add the rum, simple syrup, and ice.  Top off with some Coconut Lacroix (my favorite) or club soda.

Need more fizzy summer cocktails in your life?  I strongly suggest you try a Coconut Mojito.  You’ll thank me later.  Still need more fizzy La Croix-based drinks?  The Grapefruit Crush is delightful, as is a Blackberry Lime Vodka Fizz.

Lemongrass Thai Basil Mojito | A Nerd Cooks

Lemongrass and Thai Basil Mojitos | A Nerd Cooks

Blackberry Lime Vodka Fizz

Sweet berries, tart lime juice, vodka, and fizzy water combine to make a summery and refreshing cocktail.Blackberry Lime Vodka Fizz | A Nerd CooksIt’s Monday, it’s hot, and a drink wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world right now.  Anyone else in a similar mental place?

It’s my first full summer in Durham, and dang.  It is hot.  I know it’s only going to get worse, too, with August right around the corner.  Cold, fizzy drinks are very necessary.Blackberry Lime Vodka Fizz | A Nerd CooksMuddle up some super ripe berries, add some tart lime juice, some booze, and top it all off with something bubbly.   Couldn’t be easier.  Or more refreshing.

Looking for another very refreshing summer cocktail?  Check out these Coconut Mojitos (also made with LaCroix!), Salty Dogs, and Grapefruit Crushes!

Blackberry Lime Vodka Fizz | A Nerd Cooks

You’ll need (makes 1 cocktail):

  • 5 very ripe blackberries
  • juice of 1/2 a lime
  • ice
  • 1.5 oz vodka
  • LaCroix Curaté Muré Pepino (blackberry cucumber)
  • fresh blackberries and thin slices of lime, for garnish

Drop the blackberries into the bottom of a tall glass.  Squeeze half of a lime on top.  Muddle the blackberries.

Fill the glass most of the way with ice.  Add the vodka and top with LaCroix.  Garnish with slices of lime and blackberries.  Drink up!

Blackberry Lime Vodka Fizz | A Nerd Cooks

The Salty Dog Cocktail

Bright and fresh – this three ingredient cocktail is perfect for summer!The Salty Dog Cocktail | A Nerd Cooks

Grapefruit juice + vodka or gin = a Greyhound

Grapefruit juice + vodka or gin + a salted rim = a Salty Dog

Get it?

The Salty Dog Cocktail | A Nerd CooksThese cocktails are super refreshing, full of bright flavor, and so simple to put together.

I enjoyed one in the middle of the afternoon after taking pictures, but imagine it would be a lovely brunch cocktail, as well.

The Salty Dog Cocktail | A Nerd Cooks


You’ll need (makes 1 cocktail):

  • kosher salt
  • 1.5 oz. vodka or gin
  • fresh grapefruit juice
  • grapefruit wedges, for garnish

Rim a rocks or highball glass with kosher salt.  Fill with ice.  Add the vodka or gin and top with grapefruit juice.  Toss a wedge of fresh grapefruit in there if you’re fancy.

That’s it!  Imbibe!

Blackberry Champagne Float

Sweet, fizzy, and perfect for summer.  These bubbly floats are refreshing and endlessly customizable.

Blackberry Champagne Floats | A Nerd CooksThese champagne cocktails are so simple to throw together, yet look beautiful and taste great.  Blackberry Champagne Floats | A Nerd Cooks

Sean and I had them last weekend.  I had a leftover bottle of bubbly in the fridge that somehow didn’t make its way into mimosas over my birthday weekend.

They’d be perfect at brunch, or even as a dessert cocktail.  Or you know, because it’s Friday.

Blackberry Champagne Floats | A Nerd Cooks

You’ll need (makes 2 cocktails):

  • 4 scoops blackberry sorbet (I used this variety)
  • champagne/sparkling wine/prosecco
  • fresh blackberries and mint leaves, optional (for garnish)

Drop 2 scoops into each glass.  Top with as much bubbly as you’d like.  Add some fresh blackberries and mint leaves if you’re fancy.

Feel free to mix it up, too.  Does raspberry sorbet sound like your jam?  Use that instead!  Top with whatever kind of bubbly you prefer.  Trust me, even the cheap, sweet stuff is great here.

Blackberry Champagne Floats | A Nerd Cooks

Blackberry Champagne Floats | A Nerd Cooks