Chocolate Raspberry Stout Cheesecake

I received promotional consideration from DuClaw Brewing Company for this post. All opinions are my own.

Chocolate Raspberry Stout Cheesecake | A Nerd Cooks

Hey, guys!  DuClaw Brewing Company reached out to me, and asked if I’d be interested in trying out one of their new beers and incorporating it into a recipes.  Of course I jumped at the chance!  DuClaw is a leading craft brewery founded in 1996, makes awesome beers, and is based in Baltimore, Maryland.

DuClaw has released more than 65 unique beers and countless variations and blends, and is available in select liquor stores, restaurants and bars throughout Maryland, DC, New Jersey, Delaware, Virginia, and Pennsylvania (which is great for me, being from PA and living in MD). DuClaw’s state-of-the-art, 60,000 square foot brewing facility produces over 25,000 barrels per year to keep pace with an ever-expanding lineup of specialty brews. DuClaw also operates brewpub restaurants in Arundel Mills, Bel Air, Bowie, and Baltimore Washington International Airport that serve its award-winning craft beers on tap.

Now, about the beer…  DuClaw’s seasonal Naked Fish Chocolate Raspberry Stout is a perfect brew for pairing with Valentine’s Day, and is hitting the shelves for a limited time.

Chocolate Raspberry Stout Cheesecake | A Nerd Cooks

This Valentine’s Day, think about ditching the wine and serving up DuClaw Brewing Company’s seasonal Chocolate Raspberry Stout, Naked Fish.  First brewed in 2002, Naked Fish is like most stouts in that it is medium bodied, and black in color with a light tan head.  That is where the similarities stop and Naked Fish’s flavors combine to compose something truly unique.

Naked Fish incorporates the aroma and taste of roasted malt, raspberry, and chocolate; the makings of a perfect Valentine’s Day beer for sipping, or even cooking and baking (this post is proof of that!!).  To produce the exceptional flavors that set this stout apart, gourmet chocolate raspberry coffee is added to the grain bill.  With a smooth 4.6 ABV, and a dry, chocolatey finish, it’s perfect to pair with a romantic meal or toast to the single life.

Chocolate Raspberry Stout Cheesecake | A Nerd Cooks

Made with Goldings hops, and grains including pale, Caramunich, and chocolate malts plus roasted barley, Naked Fish was conceptualized by DuClaw Brewmaster Jim Wagner while angling at a favorite fishing hole and enjoying a hot cup of raspberry coffee.  Inspiration struck, he went straight home to his homebrew system and made the first batch using the exact coffee he enjoyed that morning!

Naked Fish is currently available in 12 and 22 oz. bottles in stores across Maryland, DC, Delaware, Virginia, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and North Carolina. It’s also available on tap at DuClaw brewpubs and in other select bars and eateries.  For more information, please visit

Chocolate Raspberry Stout Cheesecake | A Nerd Cooks

You’ll need:

  • 12 whole chocolate graham crackers
  • 5 tbs butter, melted
  • 12 oz. dark chocolate, roughly chopped
  • 3-8 oz. packages of cream cheese, room temperature
  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 1/2 cup sour cream
  • 3 eggs
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 3/4 cup DuClaw Naked Fish Chocolate Raspberry Stout
  • powdered sugar for dusting, optional
  • raspberries for garnish, optional

Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F.  Lightly grease a 9-inch round springform pan with butter and set it aside.

In a blender or food processor, grind the graham crackers into fine crumbs.  Add the melted butter and pulse until the mixture resembles damp sand.  You could also put the graham crackers into a plastic bag and smash them up with a rolling pin, skillet, etc., and then combine the butter and crumbs in a bowl.

Pour the graham cracker crumbs and butter mixture into the greased pan and press them into the bottom in an even layer.  Bake for 10 minutes.  Remove the pan and allow it to cool completely before adding the cheesecake batter.

While the crust par-bakes, melt the chocolate in a double boiler (or in the microwave in 30-second intervals) until smooth.  Set this aside and allow the chocolate to cool slightly

Meanwhile, in the bowl of a stand mixer, cream the room temperature cream cheese on medium speed until smooth and fluffy.  Add the sugar, sour cream, eggs, vanilla, melted chocolate, and Naked Fish Chocolate Raspberry Stout.  Mix until everything is well combined.

Pour the cheesecake batter into the pan, over the crust.  Smooth the top with a spatula, if necessary.  Bake for 60 minutes.  After that hour, turn off the oven, crack the door slightly, and allow the cheesecake to rest in the oven for another 60 minutes.  After that, remove it to a wire rack and allow it to cool completely.  Cover and stash in the fridge overnight.

Whenever you’re ready to eat, dust with powdered sugar and top with some fresh raspberries.  Pair it with a Naked Fish Chocolate Raspberry Stout, while you’re at it!

Chocolate Raspberry Stout Cheesecake | A Nerd Cooks

This cheesecake is decadent and delicious.  You know how brownie or other chocolate-heavy recipes sometimes call for freshly brewed coffee or instant coffee granules?  Well, the coffee notes of the beer serve the same purpose here, and really help to deepen the chocolate flavor of the cheesecake.  The raspberry flavor comes across subtly, and is accentuated by the fresh berries.

Chocolate Raspberry Stout Cheesecake | A Nerd Cooks

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15 thoughts on “Chocolate Raspberry Stout Cheesecake

  1. There are so many, many things I love about this post! First, obviously, the cheesecake. It looks so dreamy. Second, DuClaw! I adore the beers and their restaurant in Bowie is fantastic. Great ribs, great wings, even better beers. Putting that beer into a cheesecake is just genius, friend.

  2. I am making this right now. Smells heavenly. I used an 8.75 inch pan and it filled to the top. Seems thicker than the picture and I’ve had to increase the cooking time as it still seemed loose after the hour of baking. I’m sure it will be delish!

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