Sunday Farmer’s Market

No recipe here, unfortunately.  But I just wanted to share with you some photos I took at the farmer’s market yesterday morning (the one held under the JFX downtown).  In keeping with the season, there were lots of apples, pumpkins, all manner of gourds and squashes, as well as some really interesting cauliflower, and other odds and ends.  I was so excited to see all of the autumnal produce.

In the end, I managed to make off with a small pumpkin, 3 bumpy-looking gourds, some apple cider, and a crepe.  Not a bad morning =).  The cider and crepe were delicious, and the pumpkin and gourds will help to decorate our apartment during the Halloween party we’re throwing this weekend.  Be sure to check back later this week and the beginning of next for recipes from the party!

2 thoughts on “Sunday Farmer’s Market

  1. Your pictures are gorgeous! And I'm crazy jealous of all the amazing food available at your farmer's market (you know what Natrona Heights offers! haha!)

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