Sour Cream and Roasted Red Pepper Dip

Believe it or not, this is adapted slightly from a Weight Watchers recipe!  You’d never know it, though.  

I made this as part of the Welcome Home/Football Party that we had over the weekend.  I felt sort of obligated to prepare some lighter fare, since most of the other food was pretty heavy, and because I currently only have one pair of jeans that I can comfortably sit down in. <hangs head in embarrassment>

Maeby perched in my (clean) laundry basket, supervising everything going on in the kitchen.

You’ll need:

15 oz. jar roasted red peppers, drained (approximately 2 cups)
1 cup reduced fat sour cream
1/2 cup basil, fresh
1/4 cup flat leaf parsley, fresh
1/2 tsp garlic powder
1/2 tsp salt, or to taste
1/4 tsp black pepper or to taste

Place all of your ingredients in a food processor, mini chopper, or blender.  Let ‘er rip, and puree until smooth.  

Make sure to taste it after pureeing.  I almost always feel like this needs more salt.

It ends up being a light pink color.

This dip is really good with some fresh veggies, pita wedges, crackers, and on and on.  It’s a nice, light alternative to the usual sour cream and onion dip that often gets served at tailgating parties.



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